Valente Vidal

Cook, Artist, Developer, Teacher, Cat Owner

Proud Londoner since 2012 with a diverse range of experiences, from cooking up a storm in Mexican restaurants and supervising at SchoolsPlus, to sharing the wonders of science with kids at Mother Nature Science. Took a small detour into the entertainment world as an extra with Ray Knight and dedicated some time to helping others by volunteering at Haven House Charity.

In 2016, I started a path as a Python developer which lead me to working as a Platform Engineer at Adhara. 

Always eager to learn and grow while embracing new challenges with a humble attitude.


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Who doesn't love travelling

I Love Gadgets

Everyone who knows me knows that I love gadgets here are some of my favorites that I have in mind. 

The Playdate –

The Remarkable 2 –

The Emotiv Epoc X –

Mus-01-orange-p-40mm –

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